Evalution based on Doctrine

Define projections and achieve objectives defined by the doctrine

What is the eHealth doctrine self-evaluation?

Whether you are an established company or a newcomer to the eHealth sector, self-evaluation helps you define the maturity level of your software solution, based on the criteria set out in the French eHealth doctrine, around 3 main themes: urbanisation, interoperability and security.

Your self-evaluation results will forecast a timeline and deadlines to help you reach the level recommended by the doctrine.

You can also check your product meets the requirement framework for telehealth (télésanté) solutions, with self-evaluations covering 3 domains: teleconsultation, tele-expertise and telecare.

Filling these self-evaluation questionnaires for your products will guarantee you meet state-of-the-art standards of good practice and participate in the development of eHealth.

Découvrir et utiliser le parcours d'auto-évaluation sans engagement

L’ANS met à votre disposition la plateforme Convergence, qui vous permet d’auto-évaluer la maturité de vos solutions à la Doctrine du Numérique en Santé et de définir une feuille de route afin d’obtenir les référencements mis en place par l’Etat.

Cette plateforme est destinée à tous les produits numériques de santé qui sont développés dans le cadre d'expérimentations ou déployés en production.

Self-evaluation in numbers

553 solutions evaluated

Step-by-step guide to evaluate your solution

Step 1

Go to the Convergence platform (or select an existing product you have already created) and add it to the evaluation and forecast (evaluation et projection)

Step 2

Evaluate your product based on several requirements set out in the eHealth doctrine. You fill in questionnaires about interoperability, security and urbanisation.

Step 3

 You create a forecast on Convergence for your project and a roadmap outlining the steps you need to follow to reach the maturity levels required

Useful documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about self-evaluation.

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The accountability framework defines the means that can be used to:

  • ensure traceability of actions carried out in relation to a healthcare IS;
  • guarantee the value of recorded traces;
  • control the use made of this healthcare IS.

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