Evaluate your project’s maturity level on the eHealth Doctrine

Use the Convergence platform to assess the maturity level of your project, based on the Doctrine guidelines

The Convergence Platform: a service to help you build your regulatory strategy

The eHealth Agency (ANS) created the Convergence platform to help you evaluate the maturity level of your solutions according to the key themes defined in the eHealth Doctrine: urbanisation, security and interoperability.

With Convergence, you are able to define your strategy to comply with regulations, make sure the level of your solutions matches the current requirements, and accelerate the development of your activity.

What is the eHealth Doctrine?

A cornerstone on the roadmap for digital health, the eHealth Doctrine introduces the key levers required by the State to regulate the eHealth ecosystem.

The Doctrine sets out a technical and urbanisation framework, with the objective to have the entire health ecosystem (including all players in the health sector) in compliance with these guidelines by 2025.

Therefore, the main purpose of the Doctrine is to support information across health structures and encourage innovation.

Choose the theme you wish to explore to evaluate your solution on the Convergence platform

3 Steps to Assess Your Solution and Define your Roadmap

Step 1

Add a product (or select a product you have already registered) and link it to the evaluation and projection process

Step 2

Evaluate your product based on the themes set out in the eHealth Doctrine. Answer the questionnaires on interoperability, security, and urbanisation

Step 3

Make a projection for your product in order to define a roadmap. This process will help you meet the level of requirements set out in the Doctrine

The Convergence platform in numbers

360+ Registered companies

1140+ Industrials have signed up

560+ Products already created


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Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers your questions about the Convergence platform

[ Date de mise à jour : 21 Sep. 2022 ] Topic: Getting started Convergence platform

To register on the Convergence platform, you must download the Request form (available in our Documentation section, or via the link below) to create an account as an Administrator (“Responsable”) authorised to represent your company. 

Before you fill in this form, we encourage you to make sure your company is not already represented by someone else authorised to create an account on your behalf on the platform. Should you have any questions, you may contact our support team at the following address: ans-support-convergence@esante.gouv.fr

As soon as you receive the email confirming your account creation, you will be prompted to set up a password and access the platform after agreeing to the General terms & conditions of use.


[ Date de mise à jour : 30 Jun. 2022 ] Topic: Getting started Convergence platform

There are two types of profile :  

  • Administrator (“Responsable”) : this profile is either for the company’s social representative, or for the person authorised by the social representative. They are authorised to add new contributorscreate products, and grant rights to contributors from their company; 
  • Contributor (“Contributeur”) : authorised to create accounts for other users, to create products and to answer questionnaires, within the limit of the permissions they are granted

Access permissions are granted to contributors in order to access questionnaires for products that have already been created on the platform and the questionnaire relating to the global strategy. 

Contributors without rights to validate questionnaires may only register draft answers for the questionnaires they have access to. 

[ Date de mise à jour : 29 Jun. 2022 ] Topic: Getting started Convergence platform

You may divide your service into as many products as you wish to register on the platform. The appropriate segmentation must correspond to your activity and the roadmaps/processes available on the platform.  

It is important to include all the different versions associated with support or devices as different products, as they could impact the maturity level assessment of your solution.  

In order to make the identification of products easier, each edition and version of the commercialised products needs to be registered. We suggest you use this format to name your product - (Name of the Product) (OS) (Device) - with the following terms: 

  • Device can be named “Mobile” or “Website” 
  • OS can be named “iOS”, “Android”, “Windows”, “Linux” or any other operating system. 

In addition, for registration into Mon Espace Santé (My Health Space): you must add as a product the solution that will be visible to the citizen/user in the service catalogue. The commercial name must be the same as the name visible by the citizen. 

[ Date de mise à jour : 29 Jun. 2022 ] Topic: Account management Convergence platform

To access your personal account on Convergence, you will need to log in with the “User Name” (“Nom d’utilisateur”) sent to you when you register. This login may differ from the email address associated with your account. 

user has a unique login and email address on the Platform. Therefore, it is not possible to create two accounts with the same email address or login information. 

[ Date de mise à jour : 29 Jun. 2022 ] Topic: Adding a product Convergence platform

A base product (“Produit socle”) is a solution, a service, or device sold by an eHealth industrial, which is aimed at fulfilling the needs of a particular activity, practice or profession. It is not bound to the purchase of a previous product. It may be completed with Option Products (“Produit option”) to extend its functional coverage.

An option product (“Produit option”) is a solution, service, or device sold by an eHealth industrial to meet specific needs extending the functional perimeter of one or several base products (“produits socle”) to which it adds on. This means a base product must be purchased, prior to the use of an option product.

In the case of a base product being offered as an option to another product, we suggest you first declare the product as a “produit socle”. Then you will be able, from this entry, to duplicate and convert the product as a “produit option”.