Software Certificates (natural or legal persons)

Safeguarding the identity of a health professional or a health structure

What is a software certificate?

A software certificate is a digital component that acts as a digital ID to authorize remotely a natural person (a healthcare professional) or a legal person (a healthcare structure). The software certificate contains information about its owner, certified by a third-party entity named “certifying authority”.

The main goal of the certificate is to protect data. In order to do so, the certificate has several functions:

  • Identify a user in a secure and strong manner;
  • Sign documents remotely (digital signature);
  • Data encryption and decryption.

The ANS is the certifying authority for the health sector. We issue software certificate to guarantee safe data transmission between healthcare professionals.

To enable you to develop and test secure applications for CPS cards or software certificates, we provide you with tools:

  • Technical toolkits, guides and application components;
  • Test cards and test certificates.

Discover and use software certificates

Discover the different authentication means deployed by the ANS.

We offer 4 types of software certificates:

  • Legal person (Organisation);
  • Legal person (Server);
  • Natural person (Professional);
  • Natural person (Health Professional);

Certificates in numbers

4 types of software certificates are made available by the ANS

1.5 Million Health Professional Cards (CPx) were put in circulation since 2018

23,000 software certificates are currently in use

Order a certificate in 3 steps

Step 1: Choose the right test product

Read about the full offer of certificates and cards available to determine which product is the most relevant to your activity

Step 2: Place an order

Select your profile and structure, then fill in the form

Step 3: Log in with the IGC-Santé

The ANS will send you a test card which will enable you to log in with our trusted certifying platform, IGC-Santé. You may order, download, and edit your test certificates via IGC-Santé

Key service dates

April 2016

The IGC-Santé services are launched online. The first test products and the ground migration begin

October 2017

The IGC-Santé starts delivering new certificates for CPx-type cards

January 2021

The former IGC-CPS cards are disabled: all valid CPx cards contain IGC-delivered certificates


Santexpo - atelier identification électronique des acteurs, mardi 9 novembre 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about software certificates

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In order to request test products for certificates (CPS cards and test software certificates) issued by the IGC-Santé, go to our service page for the IGC-Santé.

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The certificates that the ANS issues are an official means to identify the players of the health sector, persons and organisations. Certificates also act as a seal of quality, making sure that the issuing cryptographic key infrastructures (CKP) are conform to the sector’s best practice standards. Certificates can be revoked in case of failure to comply.

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The ANS offers 4 types of software certificates:

  • Legal person (Organisation)
  • Legal person (Server)
  • Natural person (Professional)
  • Natural person (Health Professional)

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