Health Pro Authentication (Pro Santé Connect)

Referential for digital identification

What is Pro Santé Connect?

Pro Santé Connect is the provider of health professionals ID in France. It’s a free, standard service (OpenID protocol) developed and managed by the ANS.

With Pro Santé Connect, health professionals listed in the Health Directory (Annuaire Santé) can authenticate themselves in a simple, secured and unified manner. They may log in to digital health services and navigate seamlessly from one to another.

As of January 2023, Pro Santé Connect authentication will be compulsory for all digital health services deemed “sensitive” (in the sense defined by the PGSSI-S guidelines). Delegating your service authentications to the ANS brings you the image of trust and security associated with Pro Santé Connect, while remaining conform to regulatory requirements.

Discover and use

Health Pro Authentication allows your clients to: 

  • Identify themselves to access health service via a single ID;
  • Navigate from one service to the other without having to re-enter your details;
  • Centralise and harmonise authentication data, reducing risks of security leaks and cyberattacks.

There are two authentication means currently available:

  • CPS card
  • e-CPS app

Health Pro Authentication in numbers

304 connected services

1084074 authentications last month

25 % connections done via e-CPS

11346207 monthly authentications at peak activity

Etapes de raccordement à Pro Santé Connect

Parcours de raccordement d'un ES en production (utilisation d'une solution on premise)

Parcours guidé de raccordement à Pro Santé Connect en 6 étapes

Etape 1 : Effectuez une demande d’accès API Pro Santé Connect (api.gouv)

Délai moyen : 1 semaine

Etape 2 : Créez votre compte sur iSC pour avoir accès à “Gérer votre service” 

Délai moyen : 1 semaine

Etape 4 : Effectuez une demande de raccordement en BAS (création)

Délai moyen : 1 semaine

Etape 5 : Testez

Réalisez des tests à l’aide des cartes CPS et e-CPS. 

Prérequis : Téléchargez l’application e-CPS de test > Dématérialisation des cartes CPX de tests.

Délai moyen : Instantané

Etape 6 : Effectuez une demande de raccordement en production (création)

Délai moyen : 1 semaine

Useful documentation

The Pro Santé Connect (PSC) toolkit sets out the requirements that must be met by a service provider wishing to implement Health Pro Authentication. It also provides specific recommendations on this process.

It is aimed at service providers that wish to implement – or have already implemented – the Federating Tool for the Digital ID Provider PSC.

Key service dates


CIBA Demo (the ANS joins the OpenID community)


e-CPS activation function using correspondence details


The service opens - eCPS activation with a CPS card


Pro Santé Connect (PSC)

Pro Santé Connect | Impact de la bascule ADELI

Pro Santé Connect | Implémenter la déconnexion

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