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The innovation team: your partner

The e-health agency plays a central role in public policy to accelerate the development of digital healthcare. It helps to structure, energize and promote the e-health sector in France.

To accelerate the scaling-up of innovative companies, an experienced team dedicated to innovation is at your disposal. They help innovators to identify regulatory constraints and major national projects that will help them to make their solutions available at every stage of development.

We contribute to the development of the French e-health sector by supporting and encouraging digital innovation to accelerate its momentum and promote its penetration into the healthcare system. 

The Innovation team's 3 main objectives

Supporting innovators in identifying regulatory constraints

Share knowledge about the programs, referentials and core services available

Support the testing and scaling-up of innovative solutions

Customized support

Because local support is the cornerstone of our services, we work alongside innovative players throughout France, helping them to set up core digital healthcare services and referentials, reference processes of interest, finance their innovations and conduct trials.

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Le soutien aux expérimentations et les financements

G_NIUS: the e-health information and orientation compass

G_NIUS presents all the members involved in e-health, the regulations they are deploying together, and the keys to financing your innovations.

Structures 3.0 and experimentation third places: calls for projects

The "Structures 3.0" and "experimentation third places" calls for projects fund new digital solutions for healthcare, social and medico-social structures.

Meet us at PariSanté Campus

Initiated by the French government and inaugurated in December 2021, PariSanté Campus is a center dedicated to research, training, innovation and entrepreneurship in digital healthcare. Its prupose is to accelerate the structuring and development of research and innovation by bringing together a coherent group of public and private players on the same site, driven by the same ambition: to pool their resources, skills and expertise to create an unprecedented strike force in the field of digital healthcare.

E-health agency (Agence du Numérique en Santé) is one of the 5 founding members. We bring all our expertise to bear on the issues of regulation, security, interoperability and support to facilitate market access for digital solutions and develop their use.

The Agency's offer was created with entrepreneurs and covers several structuring aspects in order to respond concretely to the needs of innovative entrepreneurs: 

  • expertise in digital healthcare;
  • local support for guidance and information;
  • access to individual and group events.

This offer is supported by our Innovation team, which maintains direct daily contact with the ecosystem.

2022-2023 Innovation team goals

more than 50 training courses and collective "words from the experts" sessions

more than 120 individual coaching sessions

more than 100 structures/companies accessing the offer

2023-2024 collective innovation sessions calendar


Secure Health Messaging
- What is MSSanté?


- Introduction to interoperability
- Players, standards, terminology and interoperability framework (CI-SIS)


Annuaire Santé
- Présentation de l’offre Identification Electronique des acteurs
- Focus sur les nouveaux services de publication API FHIR de l’Annuaire


- Implementing a cybersecurity approach in projects


Pro Santé Connect
- Overview of Pro Santé Connect and e-CPS
- Focus on the connection process


- Question and answer session


- Current state of DMN/telemonitoring and teleconsultation certification
- Focus on PECAN


- INS implementation guide update


Regulatory topics
- Legal framework for e-health


- Question and answer session


- Implementation of a FHIR guide
- Application to the "health measures" guide


European projects
- Presentation of Sesali and its API

L’équipe Innovation


Innovation Manager

Antoine de Marassé-Enouf

European Projects & Innovation Manager