eHealth Label for Health Clinic and Medical Centre IS

A clear and simple seal of quality for multiprofessional medical software

What is the eHealth label?

The eHealth label was created to help health clinics and medical centres identify the appropriate software for their structures, and to bring editors the transparency they need to develop standard solutions.

The ANS manages the issuing operations for the eHealth label. The software must comply with a list of requirements, set out in the Functional Referential for Labelling.

A convention signed between the ANS and the industrial formalises the right to use the label: the eHealth label is proof that the software solution is conform to the referential guidelines.

The eHealth label brings you two main benefits:

  • Visibility to health clinics and medical centres looking for ways to digitise their services: Labelled editors are allowed to communicate about their solution using the official eHealth logo;
  • Transparency and quality: The referential sets out the base guidelines indispensable to create appropriate digital solutions. It also covers all legal and regulatory requirements.

As part of the Ségur of Digital Health, the State is sponsoring a financing programme to encourage healthcare professionals to acquire certified software solutions.

Discover and use the eHealth Label

Applying for the eHealth label is a voluntary process. Any software publisher proposing a solution aimed at health clinics (including those spread out across several locations) and multi-disciplinary medical centres are eligible.

The candidate solutions are presented to the ANS. Then, we verify that the solution complies with all the requirements set out in the functional referential. We organise compliance visits (audit) to make sure the solutions continues to meet these standards.

eHealth label in numbers

19 Software solutions have received the label

2 Levels of eHealth labels: standard (level 1) and advanced (level 2)

1,000+ Pluri-professional health clinics in France – a booming structure type

Labelling process

Key service dates


The ANS adds new requirements in the labelling convention to better meet the needs of health clinics and centres


Publication of the Label v2 referential


Implementation of the Label v2 – the latest version of the eHealth label

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about the eHealth label

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All the resources for funding are available in our Ségur section for digital equipment.

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For your application to be complete, you need to include several credentials and documents.

The list of documents and credentials needed is detailed in the Application form (download it below). You will need to send and application for each product you wish to label.

You must return your application form with all the supporting material by email AND via postal services:


  1. the complete application form needs to be sent by mail to:

    Agence du numérique en santé (ANS)
    Labellisation logiciel Maisons et Centres de Santé
    9, rue Georges Pitard
    75015 Paris

  2. follow up with sending digital versions (PDF scans) of the agreement and its annexes, in two copies, signed and completed to:

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When your software gets the label attribution, the successful candidate will receive by email the visual elements you will need to communicate about it.

The editor of the solution (or the solution range) will receive the label after signing the agreement with the ANS. They will be able to use the label on commercial publications, technical documents, with no particular restriction on the type of format used (paper, Internet, intranet, etc.) 
The recipient must mention the level of the label (1 or 2) they obtained. These specifications are set out in the Functional referential (in our Documentation section)

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