CGTS - Health Terminology Release Centre

Centralising a common health vocabulary to optimise the sharing of information among professionals

What is the Health Terminology Release Centre (CGTS)?

The ANS has set up a Health Terminology Management Centre (CGTS) responsible for: 

  • publishing the various semantic resources (terminologies, coding, alignments) used by healthcare and social work professionals;
  • overseeing collaboration with the units that produce these semantic resources;
  • providing support services, in particular to industrial companies, to optimise the use of these semantics in professional health software.

These resources form a base vocabulary, made of the health objects model (MOS) and its associated nomenclatures (NOS), which are updated monthly.

The CGTS answers the need for structured and coded medical information amid a plethora of terminology formats used in this domain. The aim is to introduce consistency into the health terminologies used in France and to provide a national portal where users can access services and support. It will enhance the competitivity of French industrial companies operating in the eHealth sector and minimise the risk of integrating terminology into their products in an uncoordinated way.

The CGTS is here to help all terminology users in the medical domain: industrial companies and software providers; eHealth contractors; health and social care professionals.

Introducing the CGTS

With the creation of the CGTS, the ANS asserts its mission to define a standard of good practice and gets involved in international initiatives beyond the European Union. The ANS has teamed up with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to improve the digital transition, at a global scale, for the health sector.

In September 2021, the ANS integrated the World Health Organisation’s French Collaborating Center (ccWHO).  
This partnership ensures that the WHO terminologies are published and translated properly. 

In return, the ANS supports the ccWHO’s experts in their missions and continues to guide software publishers through their projects.

The CGTS in numbers

34 terminologies contained in the CGTS catalogue

5 Countries were studied in the ANS report on terminology centres around the world. Those were Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal.

The ANS provides you with all the information you need

Key service dates


7 new medical terminologies are integrated, including CIM-10 and CIM-11.

November 2021

The WHO’s collaborating centre is placed under the responsibility of the ANS to supervise international classification.

1 January 2021

The WHO issues its international CIM-11 classification of diseases.


Webinaire ANS | Présentation du Serveur Multi-Terminologies - 1er avril 2021

Serveur multi-terminologies de santé de l'ANS (SMT)

Santexpo - atelier Serveur Multi-Terminologies, lundi 8 novembre 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers your questions about the Health Terminology Release Centre.

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Le Centre de Gestion des Terminologies de Santé a donc pour mission de se charger de cette maîtrise d’ouvrage opérationnelle des ressources sémantiques, mais aussi du guichet national de publication, ainsi que de l’accompagnement des utilisateurs. En France, le CGTS regroupe à date au sein de son catalogue 34 Terminologies couvrant un grand nombre de domaines médicaux.

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A terminology is an ensemble of concepts defined by terms which belong to a specific language set. 

Terminologies are defined through a research process aimed at finding the most relevant terms used by a specific profession (or a field of expertise) in a particular context of use. 

Centralising and monitoring this vocabulary is essential to maintain a coherent use of the terms amongst eHealth experts and healthcare professionals.

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The digital transition in France involves much more health data transfers. It is essential to set up a common language in this ecosystem, which currently lacks homogeneity at a local and international scale. The CGTS was created by the State to centralise the semantic resources for health professionals.

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