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Do you need help complying with national standards and regulatory requirements? Welcome to the ANS portal designed for industrials!

From advice and events to regulatory texts, you'll find all the information needed to ensure compliance of your innovative solutions and secure, interoperable services.

Our aim is to help you bring innovative solutions and secure, interoperable services to market more quickly, for institutions, healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Your e-health challenges

To accelerate the time-to-market for your digital healthcare solutions and comply with requirements, you need to choose your regulatory strategy and implement the security and interoperability rules in line with the Doctrine as quickly as possible. Innovation is a question of speed.

Choose your referencing or self-evaluate your solution with Doctrine and get support by creating your authenticated space

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Create your authenticated space and get targeted information and personalized follow-up.

2 - Self-assessment!

If referencing doesn’t apply, self-assess the compliance of your solution to understand the regulatory framework applicable to your digital healthcare solution.

3 - Listing ?

Find out below if a national referencing is relevant to your development, and learn more about referencing procedures and stages

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Doctrine for digital healthcare: the technical and urbanization framework up to 2025

Meet the Industrial Relations team

Meet the people supporting you. Whether your questions concern Ségur and your financing or referencing procedures, whether you'd like to contact Support to get in touch with an expert, or whether you'd like to meet us at specific events, our team is here to support you in your day-to-day compliance efforts.

Céline Griener

Innovation & Industrial Relations Manager

Armand Collin

Industrial Relations and Segur Support Manager

Fabien Goettmann

SONS Segur Project Manager

Coraline Pee

Industrial Relations and Events Manager

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