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Shared directory of health professionals

What is Health Pro Directory?

The Healthcare Professionals Directory aggregates the ID details of healthcare professionals and their establishments from several national databases, namely the RPPS+ (French HPs shared directory), ADELI (Registry of Health Professionals Certifications) and FINESS (National Register for Health and Social Care Establishments) directories.

Accessible to professionals, the Health Pro Directory is a secure service to provide identification information for medical and medico-social workers, as well as their diplomas, specialities, and practice details.

As a software publisher, integrating the Health Pro Directory enables you to:  

  • Access reliable data certified by the competent authorities;
  • Implement synchronisation processes with a local directory;
  • Retrieve the national ID number of a professional to manage and trace IS access;
  • Speed up the process of application account creation (pre-filled forms) and validation.

Health Pro Directory in 1 click

Discover and use the Health Pro Directory

The Health Pro Directory presents several improvements:  

  • Data is certified by authorised French organisations, such the Orders and regional health agencies (ARS);
  • The list is exhaustive and updated daily;
  • Rapid access via our website, where most of the information is accessible;
  • The directory is in conformity with the regulatory framework set out by the General Security Policy for Health Information Systems (PGSSI-S).

The Health Pro Directory in numbers

500,000 health professionals are already listed in the RPPS by the Orders and the Army Health Service (SSA)

500 Data elements mapped by the ANS in FHIR format

Useful documentation

1/ Open access data :

  • type of data:
    • RPPS, ADELI or FINNESS identification number;
    • first and last names of the professional;
    • diplomas;
    • profession and specialties;
    • work address.
  • access to the data:
    • free via the Health Pro Directory


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Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about the Health Pro Directory

[ Date de mise à jour : 20 May. 2023 ] Topic: Global theme Product / Service : Health Pro Directory

The update frequency depends on the source of the data. Data is updated daily when it comes from entities such as: national councils for the Ordres, the army health service, the FINESS directory, the CPx card information system; the MSSanté information system. Data coming from regional health agencies is updated on a weekly basis.

[ Date de mise à jour : 20 May. 2023 ] Topic: Global theme Product / Service : Health Pro Directory

The open access data is free to download. However, the user must be mindful of the General Conditions when working with the Health Pro Directory information.

[ Date de mise à jour : 20 May. 2023 ] Topic: Global theme Product / Service : Health Pro Directory

The professionals included in the Health Pro Directory are those listed in the RPPS by the Ordres (civil health professional) and the Army Health Service – SSA (military health professional):

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Midwives
  • Physical therapists (Kine)
  • Chiropodists
  • Nurses

Professions listed in ADELI:

  • Social service assistants Dental assistants
  • Audioprosthesists
  • Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists
  • Epithesists
  • Ergotherapists
  • Radiologists
  • Ocularists
  • Opticians
  • Orthopaedist
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychologist
  • Psycho-motor therapist
  • Lab technicians

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