FINESS Directory

Listing facilities involved in patient and user care

What is the FINESS Directory?

FINESS (National Record for Sanitary and Social Establishments) is a reference directory for sanitary, medico-social, social work facilities and health training organisations. It contains information on these structures and their equipment.

These facilities were granted an authorisation or accreditation. Their public or private legal status depends on their respective activities. These are divided in three:

  • Public organisms and facilities;
  • Private organisms;
  • Juristic person under foreign law.

FINESS is accessible to all, as one of the three directories managed by the ANS. It is associated with the ROR (Operation Resources Directory) and the RPPS (Shared Directory of Health System Professionals).

FINESS helps improve the healthcare system in France. Its data is updated daily and free to access. The ARS (Regional Health Agencies) and DREETS (Regional Direction for Economy, Labor and Solidarities) are the local entities in charge of updating the directory.

Discover the FINESS Directory

Each legal entity listed in FINESS is associated to a unique and permanent identification number – the FINESS ID. It is composed of 9 characters, with the first two figures corresponding to the department of the structure. There can be two types of FINESS ID:

  • EJ (Entité Juridique) - Legal Entities for sanitary, social and medico-social facilities;
  • ET (Établissement Géographique) - a Location ID for structures in a specific area and can be associated with just one type of structure.

The FINESS directory is:

  • A reliable and up-to-date regulatory tool to map all health and social facilities;
  • An information tool to direct patients according to their location;
  • A statistical tool to monitor the shortage of services in some territories;
  • An emergency tool, in case of sanitary crisis, to smooth out the implementation of urgent actions.

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