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Introduction to the Ségur for the Social Work and Medio-Social sector

The Ségur programme for social work and the medico-social sector is targeting the following sub-categories: elderly patients (PA), disabled patients (PH), home care professionals (DOM), child protection (PDE), special needs patients (PDS), shelters and insertion (AHI) and adult legal protection (PJM).

In keeping with the global objective of the Ségur, the work in progress within the social work and medico-social sectors aims at making digital health data exchanges smoother and more secure:

  • Integrating the INS (National Health ID) will reinforce identity monitoring to avoid duplicate data, discrepancies or misplaced information about a patient;
  • Generalising Pro Santé Connect authentication will make the sharing of data more secure;
  • Using secure messaging services such as MSSanté will foster interactions between various health professionals throughout the care pathway of a patient;
  • Feeding the Shared Medical File (DMP) and making it more accessible, to develop an efficient interactive sharing tool for patients and health professionals;
  • Feeding the content of My Health Space (Mon Espace Santé) for each citizen.

How to apply for Ségur Referencing?

A shareable interactive patient file must integrate at least the following functions:

  • User support material,
  • Coordination between internal and external key players,
  • User relations management,
  • Administrative management,
  • User care information,
  • Activity monitoring, access permissions and documents management.

Choose the DSR for your solution

Here, find the relevant DSRs for specific software, target perimeters, requirements and conformity checks to comply with.


Comprendre le Ségur du Numérique en Santé

Are you an industrial, a software publisher or a start up?

After identifying your sector and the relevant DSR for your solution, prepare the documents and credentials required for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about the Social Work & Medico-Social sector for Ségur.

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