Introduction to the Ségur for the Radiology sector

The Ségur programme for radiology revolves around an appeal to software publishers to make the entire Radiology Information Systems (RIS) currently in use in France evolve to meet the set of requirements specified in the DSR referencing guidelines. The rules for funding are defined in the document “Funding Appeal”.

Only solutions referenced by the ANS will be eligible for the SONS scheme, which enables Ségur funding. The terms to enrol in this scheme are set out in the Funding Appeal document.

How to apply for Ségur Referencing?

Ségur for Radiology, In Numbers

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Choose the DSR for your solution

Here, find the relevant DSRs for specific software, target perimeters, requirements and conformity checks to comply with.


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Are you an industrial, a software publisher or a start up?

After identifying your sector and the relevant DSR for your solution, prepare the documents and credentials required for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ANS answers the most common questions about the Radiology sector for Ségur.

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